Industrial charm lives on.

Modern and innovative, whilst retaining tradition.
This historic building complex goes back to the time when large industrial processes first took place within Schaffhausen. The literally translated name for the current building complex is “The Halls on the Rhine”. The whole complex was completely renovated and modernized to the highest current standards during 2015/16. The charm and flair of the original industrial architecture were deliberately preserved during renovation. For instance the stairwell still radiates its original retro-chic, but which is then cleverly combined with the modern office elements. Thanks to the resourceful and forward thinking architects and engineers, today there are 90 secure parking spaces inside the building itself. As a further cost saving and environmentally friendly innovation, a Solar Cell system, which produces electricity for the building, was incorporated into the roof.

Many uses, configurations and possibilities
Even though the aesthetics of the industrial character have been preserved, the new premises are open to a wide and diverse set of modern uses. The existing complex could be used to host activities and services as diverse as large/small offices combinations, studios, workshops, galleries and agencies. The complex has also been used to host cultural and festival activities.

Excellent location and accessibility.
The building complex is situated close to the city centre and is extremely well positioned for both public and private transport. The centre of town is about 10 minutes’ walk away, which means very easy access to the main railway station, as well as to the comprehensive Schaffhausen bus network. There is actually a bus stop serving the centre of town just 3 minutes’ walk from the building itself. There are many possibilities for sport and relaxation in the immediate vicinity of the building. The river Rhine is literally on the doorstep and this gives a great opportunity for joggers or walkers to stretch their legs and to experience some of the most popular walking and jogging trails in the region. The beautiful Promenade Park can be reached within a few minutes and is the perfect location to relax and switch off.